HAHMP Sponsors

Each year for the past 36 years HAHMP has invited college undergraduates and first-year graduate students who are pursuing careers as print, photo, broadcast, online journalists or in public relations, to apply for HAHMP scholarships.

Featured Sponsors

Since 1986, our all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization has supported
aspiring Hispanic/Latino journalism, PR and communications students with more than
$840,000 in scholarship funds. Additionally, HAHMP hosts professional development
sessions for our sponsors, members and students. Among its activities in the past, HAHMP:

● Hosted professional and student development workshops on everything from social
media to television production and public relations.
● Partnered with SPJ, Facebook and Google to offer the Facebook for Journalism and
the Google News Initiative to Houston area journalists, students, and media
● Partnered with Rice University to host a General/News Managers’ luncheon to discuss
Houston demographics and the city’s growing diversity.

HAHMP offers Education Opportunities for Diverse students that play a key role in accurate representation of Houston Communities. HAHMP is a 100% Volunteer-led organization. We are a qualified 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. All financial gifts are tax deductible to the maximum extend by law.

Some of our past and current sponsors to name a few are Chevron, AARP, HEB, Gonzalez Olivieri LLC, Silver Eagle Distributors, and many of our Houston’s own media TV stations and Radio Stations.

How You Can Get Involved

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