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1. Bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, communications, marketing, or a related field, from an approved institution.

2. The Multimedia Communications Specialist should possess demonstrated skills and experience in public relations with writing, graphic design, photography and videography skills, or any equivalent combination of education and experience that would provide the above noted knowledge, skills and abilities.

3. Must be proficient in Associated Press style.

4. Ability to perform research; prepare publications and promotional literature; and to effectively gather, organize and disseminate information and data.

5. Ability to compose a variety of effective communications and documents well under strict deadlines.

6. Demonstrated skill in multimedia communication strategies and techniques.

7. Demonstrated knowledge of public relations functions, principles, concepts, practices and strategies.

8. Effective organizational communication and interpersonal skills.

9. The Multimedia Communications Specialist shall have at least two (2) years of successful professional experience in journalism, public relations, communications, or related field.


The Board of Trustees shall appoint the Multimedia Communications Specialist upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools for a term of not more than one (1) year, and the contract will be considered for extension at the regular March meeting each year.


The Multimedia Communications Specialist shall be responsible to the Director of Public Information for the performance of all duties.

The Multimedia Communications Specialist shall oversee the following:

1. Written and visual content for district publications and multimedia platforms (website, social media, etc.)

2. Advising and training district departmental and campus staff on effective multimedia communications practices.

3. Print shop production of printing assignments.

4. Posting of news stories, photos and videos online and on social media.


1. Instructional Management

a. Maintains a thorough knowledge and understanding of the district’s curriculum and instructional programs and assists the Director of Public Information in publicly communicating such information to all stakeholder groups.

b. Directs the provision of communications resources and materials to support Aldine ISD staff in accomplishing goals.

2. School Climate

a. Effectively communicates with staff, community, media, and school board on the district’s mission, personnel policies, and programs.

b. Assists the Director of Public Information in developing sound communication techniques that are understood and used by school employees in their contact with the public.

c. Assists the Director of Public Information in providing the public with information about their schools which will be derived from sources within as well as outside the district.

d. Establishes and maintains an environment which is conducive to positive staff morale and directed toward achievement of the Aldine ISD public information office’s goals.

e. Assists the Director of Public Information in developing and maintaining staff morale building programs of recognition and celebration.

f. Projects a positive image that enhances the Aldine ISD mission.

3. School Improvement

a. Keeps abreast of and applies technological changes that allow for improved productivity in the Public Information Office.

b. Evaluates and recommends improvement in the purposes, design, and implementation of the Aldine ISD print and mixed media production program.

c. Promotes and projects a positive image that supports the mission of the school district.

d. Develops (as necessary), maintains, and utilizes appropriate information systems and records necessary for attainment of the district’s mission and overall school improvement efforts.

4. Personnel Management

a. Demonstrates ability to work with others in a positive, productive way.

b. Provides and/or encourages staff participation in inservice training appropriate to individual needs and development.

5. Administration and Fiscal/Facilities Management

a. Assists in the designing, writing, editing, photographing, printing, and distribution of the district’s established and future publications.

b. Helps preserve the confidentiality of data which has been given under conditions of trust and promise.

c. Complies with district policies as well as state and federal laws and regulations.

d. Serves as the primary Aldine ISD staff photographer and videographer.

e. Assists in the development and production of slide/tape, multimedia, and video production.

f. Demonstrates fiscal responsibility.

6. Student Management

a. Understands the student management system and expected student behavior related to operational aspects of the district (transportation, food services, classroom facilities, etc.).

b. Fosters and exemplifies a positive image before students.

7. School/Community Relations

a. Assists the Director of Public Information in the production of, and/or advising in the production of district publications and online materials, including the district website, newsletters to patrons, annual reports, special bulletins, curriculum bulletins and reports, policy handbooks, and other publications assigned by the Assistant Superintendent of Community and Governmental Relations or the Superintendent of Schools or requested by the administrative staff.

b. Assists the Director of Public Information in maintaining a complete file and record of all educational news and photographs of the school district as published by the district or news media.

c. Articulates to the general public (when called upon) the school district’s overall mission and goals and the ways in which the functions of the communications office support these directives.

d. Assists the Director of Public Information in effectively utilizing the mass media and social media to articulate the district’s philosophy and educational implementation strategies.

e. Understands the mission of the district and communicates that mission within the community.

8. Professional Growth and Development

a. Takes initiative to develop needed professional skills appropriate to job assignments.

b. Participates in professional development programs to improve job performance.

c. Actively participates in professional organizations; takes the initiative to provide leadership in addressing the challenges facing the profession.

d. Conducts oneself in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner.

9. Other

a. Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.


1. The job performance statements shall constitute the criteria for an evaluation form with an evaluation code as follows:

N/A Measure Not Being Taken.

1 No Measurable Progress.

2 Progressed Toward The Goal.

3 Met The Goal.

4 Exceeded The Goal.

5 Significantly Exceeded The Goal.

2. The evaluation form shall contain a place for comments and general observations made by the evaluating person. These comments shall constitute additional criteria for evaluation.

3. The Director of Community Engagement and Partnership’s evaluation is a responsibility resting with the Assistant Superintendent of Community and Governmental Relations. An evaluation shall be completed in writing at least once during the course of the school year.

4. The Assistant Superintendent of Community and Governmental Relations shall appraise the Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships at the time stipulated by the Superintendent of Schools.

5. Administrators will be appraised according to the following calendar:

Action Plan and Goal Setting Conference June – August

Data Collection and Analysis September – May

Contract Recommendation January

Summative Conference May/June


The salary of the Multimedia Communications Specialist shall be based on the schedule adopted by the Board of Trustees for this position.

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