Job Posting – Community Relations Translator – Aldine ISD



1. The Community Relations Translator shall possess full written and spoken Spanish language fluency.

2. The Community Relations Translator shall possess at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

3. The Community Relations Translator should possess demonstrated skills and experience in Spanish-language journalism or public relations with writing, photography and videography skills, or any equivalent combination of education and experience that would provide the above noted knowledge, skills and abilities.

4. Ability to perform research; prepare publications and promotional literature; and to effectively gather, organize and disseminate information and data in Spanish.

5. Ability to compose a variety of effective Spanish language communications and documents well under strict deadlines.


The Board of Trustees shall appoint the Translator upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools for a term of not more than one (1) years, and the contract will be considered for extension at the regular March meeting each year.


The Translator shall be responsible to the Director of Public Information for the performance of all duties.


1. Translates printed and web-based external communication materials for print and online distribution to Spanish.

2. Researches, reports, and writes Spanish-language district news stories and films Spanish-language videos for online use.

3. Contributes to the district’s Spanish-language social media communications efforts.


1. The job performance statements shall constitute the criteria for an evaluation form with an evaluation code as follows:

NA Measure Not Being Taken.

1 No Measurable Progress.

2 Progressed Toward The Goal.

3 Met The Goal.

4 Exceeded The Goal.

5 Significantly Exceeded The Goal.

* The evaluation form shall contain a place for comments and general observations made by the evaluating person. These comments shall constitute additional criteria for evaluation.

* The Translator’s evaluation is a responsibility resting with the Director of Public Information. An evaluation shall be completed in writing at least once during the course of the school year.

* The Director of Public Information shall submit to the Superintendent of Schools or the staff person designated by the Superintendent of Schools, the completed evaluation of the Translator at the time stipulated by the Superintendent of Schools.

* The Translator will be appraised according to the following calendar:

Action Plan and Goal Setting Conference July – August

Data Collection and Analysis September – May

Contract Recommendation January

Summative Conference May/June


The salary of the Translator shall be based on the schedule adopted by the Board of Trustees for this position.


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