Member of the Month: Mariné Hernández

Mariné HernándezHAHMP member since her college days at the University of Houston and a fundamental part of HAHMP’s launch of “Houston On the Move” television show, here is a short Q and A with our February 2013 member of the month: Mariné Hernández.

What have you gained being part of HAHMP?

Friends, knowledge and lots of contacts! When I was a student I got the opportunity to meet people that were already on the air and I got a chance to mingle with them and learn about what they did. By doing so I was able to reconfirm my desires to work in TV. As a professional, I have made lots of contacts and continue to meet new people. Once I became a freelancer, I had the opportunity to serve on HAHMP’s board and start something never done before by the organization, a television show. “Houston on the Move” allowed me to keep practicing being on the air and I also learned how to be a producer. So in every aspect of my life, HAHMP has always been an organization that has done something for me.

What is your biggest advice to anyone that wants to pursue in the journalism field?

Make sure you love it! Not love being on TV or on the radio or being known, but love working in the field and being a journalist. Just like in any other career, you must love your job in order to endure the sacrifices that come with. I assure you the rewards are incredible.

What has been the best advice you have received and from whom?

My parents told me to never be scared to try new things and to pursue my dreams no matter how distant they may seem.

Who do you admire and why?

I admire many people, celebrities, journalists, but currently I give most of my admiration to all Mothers. It is a tough job.

What is your favorite hobby? Why?

Dancing, it makes me feel happy.

Is there something you still want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Many things, the first one is getting back to the gym.

What is something you would never dare to do?

Have a pet. I have a fear of animals. Don’t ask me why. I grew up in Mexico in a house full of all sorts of animals.

Fill in the blank: If I ever met _______ I would…

If I ever met Ryan Seacrest I would tell him that I have envidia de la buena! I still love entertainment and covering it like he does would be so much fun.

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